Lights Out Machining With Doosan 5-Axis

In 2022, we at CARR Machine and Tool have had to think critically about how to improve efficiency while simultaneously managing a challenging labor market. One of the many steps we have taken to improve deliveries and reduce costs is implementing a new Doosan DVF5000 with an 8 pallet pool. This has allowed us to further develop our lights out machining capabilities. We can now plan, assemble, and mount fixtures all while the spindle is running and making chips. With this new capability, our setup time does not contribute to spindle downtime. We have also made the necessary investments in tooling, fixtures, and other technology to ensure that this machine is operating at peak efficiency and precision. 


Standardizing Setups with 5th Axis Workholding

Along with the increases in efficiency from the machine itself, we have implemented new workholding systems with immense clamping and high volume capabilities.  5th Axis Workholding has provided us with risers, zero point bases, and dovetail vises that reduce setup time and aggravation. By utilizing a pull stud design, we can mount vises and other fixtures using the same 96mm pattern across the board. Additionally, the dovetail method allows us to increase cutting speeds and feeds by creating extreme rigidity. Dovetail clamping, unlike directly clamping a workpiece, provides inward as well as downward force, keeping our parts secure during machining. When working with aerospace, defense, and other high precision parts, this stability is vital in holding close tolerances. The rocklock bases also repeat within 8 microns, giving us confidence that our setups are mounted with consistency.  

Almost Exclusively Machining in Two Handlings 

By far the most important and intuitive benefit to adding this piece of equipment is the ability to machine parts at multiple angles. On a traditional 3 axis milling machine, which we have several of, we are limited in the number of operations that can be performed in one handling. We can now machine almost all parts in 2 operations. This new Doosan, combined with the ability to design and configure setups offline, is a game changer for efficiency while maintaining incredible precision for aerospace, defense, and semiconductor parts. 


Automated Redundant Tooling Capabilities

Another step we have taken to minimize spindle downtime is the implementation of automatic tool change macros. In our new Doosan, each tool is checked, via tool setter, prior to completing an operation. This allows us to switch tool pockets on the fly with redundant tooling if the previous cutter has broken. With 120 tool pockets, there is enough room to have redundant tooling for every operation we need to machine. 


Precision Tooling with Rego-Fix Technology

Our Rego-Fix collet tool holding system has further improved our cutting capabilities. Using a traditional set screw design, tools are subject to being pulled from their collets, which can damage the workpiece during machining. With press-fit technology from Rego-Fix, we are able to achieve 360 degree cutter engagement, which increases tool life and precision. All of these technologies are designed to allow us to get the most out of our Doosan 5 axis, a premium machine in our industry that is capable of handling the most precise and complex AS9100 parts. 

We could not be more excited about these new products as well as the increased precision and cost savings that come along with them. Please reach out to our team for more information on how these new technologies are allowing us to better serve our customers!

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